Mineral Resources and Environment Faculty of the North University of Baia Mare held in partnership with the Romanian Association of Environment, from 28 to 30 October 2010, the international conference “Mineral Resources and Environment”.

The conference registered participants from Slovakia, Korea, Germany, Hungary, and Romania, totalizing 75 papers. Conference topics were: Protection and Environmental Engineering, Waste Recovery, Mining Engineering, Minerals Processing, Materials science and engineering, Civil Engineering and Geodesic Engineering, focusing on environmental issues, presenting technologies and equipments solutions to reduce pollution and increase environmental quality.

The conference took place in plenary and in sections, as scheduled.

Mrs. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Eng. Mihaela Podariu, Scientific Secretary of Mineral Resources and Environment Faculty opened the conference. In the opening spoke Mr. Prof.Dr.Eng. Vasile Viman - Vice Rector of the North University of Baia Mare and Mr. Prof.Dr.Eng. Vasile Oros - Dean of the Faculty of Mineral Resources and Environment.

Plenary paper entitled "General considerations on waste management in Romania" was presented by Mr. Prof.Dr.Eng. Marian Rizea from Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti,  co-author being Mrs. Georgeta Asandului, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Aviation Inspectorate, Ministry of Administration and Interior.

Then the conference was held in sections.

The conference provided an opportunity for exchanging ideas, dissemination of research results in the fields of interest, establishing contacts to develop future researches, and knowing of local concerns.



     The North University Scientific Bulletin, Series D: Mining, Mineral Processing, Non-ferrous Metallurgy, Geology and Environmental Engineering, Volume XXII



      The department of Mineral Resources and Environment, University of North Baia Mare held on 24 October 2008 a symposium with international participation "Mineral Resources Engineering and Environment". The symposium participants registered in Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania, entered the program with a number of 63 works. Symposium topics were: environmental engineering, waste recovery, mining engineering, mineral processing useful materials Science, Civil Engineering and Geodetic Engineering.
      The symposium was held in plenary and in sections, according to the program.
      In the opening words were Prof. Dr. Eng. Vasile Viman - rector of the University of North Baia Mare, Prof. Dr. Eng. Vasile Oros - Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Mineral Resources and Assoc. Prof. Mihaela Podariu - Scientific Secretary of the Faculty of Environment and Mineral Resources.
      Presented papers in plenary Mr. Johannes Drielsma, Environmental Manager at the European Association of Mining Industries of Brussels, the paper "A review of a good biodiversity management practices and Ms Cecilia Szentesy, Permitting Manager at SC Rosia Montana Gold Corporation SA, the paper "Rosia Montana mining project.
      Further work symposium were held in sections.
      The symposium provided an opportunity for exchanging ideas and a useful exchange of experiences and cooperation between the Romanian and engineers from outside the borders of Romania.